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Henderson Beach

Henderson Beach East And West, And Henderson Beach State Park

Years ago highway 98 ran straight as an arrow from Destin to panama City, right along the beach. Somebody figured out that if they just moved highway 98 that would open up a lot of beachfront property, which was at that time on the north side of highway 98. So highway 98 was moved north. The old highway 98 remained, and portions of it are now Scenic Gulf Drive. Henderson Beach park was created, cutting old highway 98 into three parts. So there is actually a Henderson Beach West, Henderson State Park, and Henderson Beach East.

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The Beaches Along Scenic Gulf Drive, East Of Henderson Beach

This grand old lady is the Henderson Park Inn, a local landmark. It has weathered two or three hurricanes and is still serving visitors to the local area. Henderson Beach East pretty well plays out at the end of this building. The remainder of this beach goes by different names, although it is still the same stretch of beach. The beaches are named by developers. The next beach is Crystal beach, Destiny Beach, and then Miramar Beach, which continues on to the point where Scenic Gulf Drive runs back into highway 98, about 5 miles down the road.