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Do It Yourself Web Design

There are some advantages in building your own web site, the biggest advantage being that no one knows your business as well as you do. If you hire someone else to design your web site they only know what you tell them. If you do it yourself you may discover things you missed at first that should be included, like detailed directions to find your business, or a special service you offer. The next biggest advantage is that things change. Your prices change, your products change, and even your hours may change. If you do your own web site, it will only take a few minutes to fix these things. All web sites will eventually need to be revised.



DYI Custom Web Site Design And Optimization

You can build your own web site with the information on this page. You can even build an e-commerce site. In addition you can do your own SEO work to have a top 10 listing for your keywords on the search engines.

We are also listing the web design software, and services we use ourselves. You will find the information you need, plus links to even more information, and you can download some of these programs free and give them a test drive.

Building And Operating A Web site

Hosting Fee........$6.95 Per Month
Domain Name Registration.........Free if you pay 12 for months hosting

If you have an e-commerce site you will have to add those services in too. The prices above are true for Blue Host. You will find prices vary widely, as do services provided. We like Blue Host.

Cost Of Web Site

You will have to buy web design software, an FTP program, and if you don't already have it, an image processing program. You might try Advanced JPEG Compressor for the image software, as their software also compresses image file sizes and that will help make your site load faster. 30 day free trial.

What You Need To Succeed

1. Fully functional web site designed to promote your business

2. Web site installed on a hosting server

3. Web site submitted to the US search engines

4. Web site optimized for 1 keyword per page


Domain Name Registration

Let me explain all of this stuff a bit. First a Domain Name must be acquired. That is your identifier on the internet, www.your-company.com. Then the web site is built. The web site is composed of a code, and once the site is built, storage space on the hosting company's server, (A computer connected to the internet) is purchased and the code which comprises your web site is installed on the hosting company's server. At that time your web site is on the internet, and can be found by typing your address; http://www.your-company.com into your web browsers address bar. That works fine for you as you will know your web sites address and can enter it in your browser. You can register the domain name free if you use Blue Host.

Building Your Website

The easiest web site design program to start with is Boomerang Software's Web Page Designer Gold Plus. The best web building software is probably Adobe's Dreamweaver, but it is a lot harder to learn to use. The Web Page Designer has templates and a lot of features you will find helpful. Boomerang Software.

Installing your web site files on the hosting companies server

You will need an FTP program to copy the web site files on your computer to the hosting companies computer. You will also use this FTP program to upload individual pages later on when revisions are made to the pages in your web site. We use Cute FTP Pro, which is easy to use. There is a new Cute FTP Lite which is relatively inexpensive. Cute FTP Software, Free Trial

Search Engine Submission

Unfortunately your customers do not know your web site address. You can put that address on your business card, or in your ad in the telephone book, and those customers can find your web site. However the purpose of advertising is to sell your products to as many people as possible, even people who have never heard about your business, or who do not have your business card, and haven't seen your ad in the phone book.

If you were to go to Google, AOL, ASK, or any other search engine and type in your business name, "Your-Company", it will not appear in the search results. Your site hasn't been found by the search engines yet. Getting your web site discovered by the search engines is called search engine submission. It involves telling all of the search engines about your web site. We use SEO software called IBP, for that. IBP Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Positioning

Many people use their computer to find products and information they need. They will simply type in what they are looking for into the search block of one of the search engines, like Google, Bing, Ask, AOL, or Yahoo. A typical search might be for a new lap top computer. So your prospective customer might type "Lap Top Computers" into the Google
search block. A bunch of web sites that sell lap top computers appear on the results page, and your customer checks through some of them and gets an idea of what he likes, and the prices the computer he wants can be purchased for.

Then if he wants to purchase it locally he might type in "HP Lap Top Computers, Kalamazoo, MI". If you sell HP Lap Top Computers in Kalamazoo, Mi, that is the phrase you want the page on your web site that sells those computers to be optimized for. It will do you no good if some guy in New York or California finds your web page, they want to buy a computer where they live. So "Lap Top" computers won't work as well for you as "HP Lap Top Computers In Kalamazoo, MI". If you were selling these computers on the internet and shipping them to your customers, then "Lap Top Computers" would be a good phrase to optimize your web page for. We also use IBP to optimize web sites and pages. This is called SEO, or search engine optimization. IBP Search engine optimization software.

Enter a keyword:

Design Software And SEO tools

Can you do all of the things that I mentioned above? Absolutely. If you use the right software and seo tools it is a piece of cake. I have listed the products and services we ourselves use. If you need seo software, or web site services just click one of the links below for more information.

We use IBP SEO software every day. It works great for us or we would use something else. We have used IBP and other Axandra SEO products for years, and couldn't do without it. It does everything they say it will, and still has features I haven't used yet. I believe they may still have a free SEO book when you buy their software.

We use Adobe macromedia Dreamweaver to design websites. It takes a bit of work to get used to using this software, but once you get the hang of it you can do almost anything with it. Adobe Web Design Software.

Links As An SEO Technique

Links. One of the factors that helps you get a top ten ranking on the search engines is good, high quality links. We only consider linking to other travel or tourism sites. We do not link to sites in our market area, the Florida Panhandle. If you have a travel site we will be glad to exchange links with you. You will find that the SEO software we use, Axandra's IBP, has a link manager that will help you build links for your site. You can click the link below if you would like to learn more. Link building and link management software

IBP Web Site Optimizer And Submitting Software

seo software

Everyone can use an extra buck or two. If you can earn it with no effort on your part that is even better. Well you will have to put a link on your site. You can become an affiliate of the German company that makes IBP SEO tools. Just click the link below for complete details.

Do you want to earn an extra income on your site, with 5 minutes wgo.to/destinadventure/4ork? Sell SEO Software!

Free SEO E-

Download Free SEO E-Book

Download Axandra's free SEO e-book and become your own Seo expert. This book has about all you need to know to become proficient in search enginoe optimization. Click the link in the right window to see a short video.


SEO video
shopping cart program

Building E-Commerce Web Sites

E-Commerce requires some extra work but is not rocket science. If you rumage around on the internet it may be hard to find all the how to do it information in one place. It is all here. We could write a whole book about this subject, so the information here is pretty brief, but once you know what you need you can dig up all the information you require pretty easily. You will need a shopping cart, and we really like the Automation Wiz cart. You get loads of features, how to do it videos, and you can turn any site into an e-commerce site with this cart.

Blue Host Web Hosting

Blue Host web Site hosting is very reasonable and they have more services available than most of us will ever use. In addition you will find their support is great. They will gladly help you get your site online, and they are very friendly. Just click the link above for more information.

E Commerce Sites With 1AutomationWiz.com

If you are building an e-commerce site you will find the Automation Wiz shopping cart to be very flexible and powerful, and it is easy to change later when your prices or shipping costs change. It works good, and is very easy to use. If you have an existing web site you can turn it into an E-Commerce site quickly and easily with an Automation Wiz shopping cart. You do not need to design a special E-Commerce site. Just click the link below for more information.

shopping cart program

E-Commerce Payment gateways

If you are building your own web site this link should help explain what you need. If you intend to build an e-commerce site you will require a payment gateway. I haven't listed the gateway we use as you may be able to find another gateway that will work better for you. The gateway collects the payment information from your shopping cart and directs it to your merchant account provider. Payment gateways explained, reviewed, and rated.

E-Commerce Merchant Accounts

The merchant account processes your credit card orders and deposits the money in your bank account. I have provided a link that includes several providers, if you do a search on Google you can find more. Merchant account providers.

Our Commission Helps Support This Site

We receive a small commission if you purchase some of the software on this page, which helps defray our operating expenses for this site.

Link To Destin Adventure

Link to Destin Adventure. When you link to us just send us an e-mail and we will give you a reciprocal link that will help the search engines find and rank your own web site.

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You can just copy and paste the link information above. You will have to apply your own CSS or HTML style. The external links will help your web site to be discovered by Google and other search engines. So links are a part of SEO. As a matter of fact I would not even worry about getting reciprocal links at first, just find respectable sites you think would appeal to your visitors and link to them. The search engines will follow these links back to your web site, and this will help get your site indexed. When you have time you can send an e-mail to the sites you linked to and ask if they will give you a reciprocal link. You should try to start with at least 50 links. This software will help you build a link section, keep the link information, and even automate the process of sending e-mails asking for reciprocal links. Arellis Link Management Software. Link building and link management software

Thanks For Dropping In

I hope you have found this information useful. When you get your web site built, give us a link to this page from your new site so other people may benefit as well. Thank you for your visit and good luck with your new web site! When you buy any of the products we mentioned we get a small commission which helps subsidize the cost of this site. That payment does not add to the cost of your purchase, and we appreciate your support.


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