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Getting The Most Out Of Your Destin Adventure Ad Dollar
When you advertise with Destin Adventure your ad is in the beach directory where your customer is going to stay. He can locate your business in a couple of mouse clicks, and all of the important information about your beach is in one convenient location where he can easily find it. Right now we need advertising at every beach. There isn't a whole lot for the visitor to look at, and we don't want him to get frustrated and leave before he see's your ad.

So we are going to let you advertise in two or more places at the same price until we are sure we have enough advertising to keep someone's interest in your beach. The effectiveness of your ad is our main interest.

Short Cut To Vacation Rentals
We have links throughout our site directing people to a temporary marshalling page, if they are looking for vacation rentals. All of these links read "Short Cut To Vacation Rentals" That page gets a LOT of traffic. Right now we will put a link on that page to your ad for your own beach at no extra cost. We will change the marshalling page to accomodate more links as more people advertise with us. So until we are certain your beach has enough advertising to stand alone you will get this free bonus. This is a temporary measure to insure your ad produces results for you. Click here to see the temporary marshalling page.

In addition we have another section called "Destin Beach Guide" we will give you a link in that section as well. Destin Beach Guide lists the individual beaches, and the link to your vacation property ad will appear on the beach where it is located. As we said before, this is a temporary measure and may be discontinued when our ad volume increases. Click here to see the "Destin Beach Guide".

Bargains And Specials
If you have a business at an area beach we will give you a link on our bargains and specials page in addition to your ad on your own beach, as a temporary measure until advertising volume increases enough for your beach to stand alone. We will also give you a link in our "Destin Beach Guide" section as well. Click here to see the bargains and specials page.

Destin Area Restaurants
If you have a restaurant ad you also get a link on our "Destin Area Restaurants" Page. The first restaurant to advertise on each beach will also get a photo of their restarant on the restaurant directory page. When other restaurants are added that link will point to the restaurant directory for your beach. Click here to see the "Destin Area Restaurants" page.

Your Success Is Our Goal
We are constantly working to improve our site and your advertising results. We also work hard to see that the visitor finds what he is looking for. It's all synergistic, if the vsitors don't find our site, or don't like it, your business and ours suffers. If you don't do well you will leave, and we won't do well. So we are really determined to see that you get the most value for your advertising dollar, and that each visitor finds the information he needs.

Be Big On Your Own Beach
You don't have to compete with everyone in the Destin area for ad space. Right now you can be number one on your own beach when you advertise on this site! This is national advertising, and people seeking information about destin will find your advertisemennt.

Your Ad Price Will Never Increase
As long as you continue to run your ad, your price will never increase. You are grand fathered in at your starting price. Of course if you drop out for awhile you will be subject to the going rate at the time you renew your ad.

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Join Our Adventure - Advertise With Destin Adventure!

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