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Water Sounds Beach

About The Dune Structure And Ecology
The dunes are valuable structures and help reduce damage when hurricanes visit our shores. The vegetation on the dunes keep the sea from destroying this structure. Plant roots wind all through the dunes, tying them together and preventing beach erosion.

This developer has embraced nature, and is working hard to preserve this area in it's natural state. There are many interesting plants and animals that are unique to this coastal environment. The walkways you see here let you explore the wonders of this fragile ecology without damaging it.

You will enjoy your trips to this beach, and these nice walkways will let you roll your beach gear out to the beach easily. When you are out here late in the evening watch for the "green flash", where the sea turns an incredible green for just a few moments.

This only happens on rare occasions, and is not an everyday occurrence. You may see it late in the afternoon, right around sundown.

You will find that the sea appears slightly different every time you go to the beach, due to subtle changes in the weather, sea state, and light conditions. Watch for the different sea creatures, which you can see easily in the crystal clear water. You may see fish, sea turtles, skates (a species of ray), and sea birds. Have Fun!

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