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New Shopping Center For Seagrove Beach Florida, And Watercolor Beaches

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Shopping Near Seagrove Beach
Seagrove Beach has several strip centers with trendy beach shops, and two convenience stores. A new Publix grocery store has recently opened here also. (See Photo Above) This publix is actually a part of the Watercolor development, but it seems more a part of seagrove beach. As you can see it is an attractive development. It is on county road 395, about a quarter of a mile from it's intersection with county road C30A. When you reach C30A, CR-395 deadends there, and you can turn left to go to seagrove beach, seacrest beach, and rosemary beach. If you turn right you go to seaside, and watercolor. You will like seagrove, it has a pretty beach, and is pretty much in the middle of the two newest developments, watercolor, and rosemary beach. Choose a florida condo rental at seagrove beach.