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Beach Homes at Seagrove FL

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Homes Near Seagrove Beach, FL
You can find many kinds of destin rentals at Seagrove beach. These pretty lake houses are about 3 blocks from the beach, by way of the pretty lake. You can paddle your kayak to the end of the lake, drag it a short distance across the sand, and paddle in the gulf of mexico. The large cleared area at the top of the photo is for a new Arvida development called Watersound.

It is going to be pretty impressive when it is completed, and all of that grubby looking area will be neatly landscaped, and filled with pretty destin beach houses. Seagrove has several really spectacular developments, that have been built in the last two or three years. I go through Seagrove beach fairly often, and am always surprised to see what has changed since I was there last. If you have property here you will appreciate the new Publix shopping center on county road 395. The developer did a good job on the design work, and the shopping center blends in nicely with Seagrove Beach.