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Holiday Isle Beach At Destin
The western end of Shore Drive has a development called Holiday Isle. Most of the photos are of destin real estate at holiday isle. The Destin Area Has The Best Florida Beaches!

About Holiday Isle And The Harbor Area
Shore Drive winds out to a sandy spit that protects destin harbor. In the seventies it was undeveloped, and was just acres of sand. The local residents refer to that time as BC (Before Condos). However the whole area looks nice, and there are some really neat places to stay. A place on the water could be on the gulf or on destin harbor, or on a canal.

Obviously some clarification may be in order if you rent waterfront property here. All of these places are neat, but you may be disappointed if you expected to be on the gulf, and find that your rental house is on a canal instead.

To further complicate things, some properties are only near the water, and you may have to travel to the nearest public beach access, which could be across the street, or several blocks away. We will try to separate these properties into the appropriate category, but ask to be safe.