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One Of The Beaches Of South Walton, Inlet Beach

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Although this beach has no commercial development it is close to shopping, and restaurants. You will have to drive to those places as it is a little to far to walk comfortably. Inlet Beach, the last community on C30A is removed from the hustle and bustle of those places, and exists in quiet and tranquility. It is the home of several year round residents who appreciate it's quiet charm enough to commute to destin and panama city.

Inlet beach is protected from the occasional hurricane by a system of sand dunes, which are in turn protected by the vegetation that envelopes them. The vegetation is protected by county ordinances, and that is why you see the long wooden walkways that lead across the dunes to the beach. They are not for the convenience of the residents, but to protect the vegetation.

Sea turtles are also protected, and there is an ordinance that regulates exterior lighting during the time the baby turtles hatch. They hatch during the time of the full moon, and a genetic memory directs them toward the full moon, which lies out over the water.

We permanent residents are governed by the ebb and flow of the seasons. Most of us are connected in some fashion to the tourism industry, and if not, tourism effects the businesses we work in. We work hard during the summer season, with scarcely any time left over for household chores. During the fall we have a chance to do some of the things we help the visitors enjoy during the season. We catch up on house hold chores, and have time for restaurants and movies.

This is one of the places where time flows slowly during the off season, there is time for quiet walks on the beach. Time to relax in your beach chair and study the horizon, to listen the surf hiss across the sand, and to hear the cry of sea birds.

This Community is inhabited by hardy folks who have a deep appreciation for the ways of the sea, and there is room for visitors who are seeking florida beachfront rentals. It is a small place, and has room only for a few special people. Perhaps you can be one of those people