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Beach Safety Flags And Destin Area Safety Information

Water Safety
While the Destin area is one of the most beautiful places in this country, there are hazards, natural and otherwise. Most of the area beaches have a beach safety flag warning system for beach safety. These flags warn the visitor of the presence of undertows, a strong current that will carry you into deep water.

Beach Safety
Always closely supervise small children. Children shouldn't be allowed on the beach without a responsible adult present. Wind and current can quickly carry floats and beach toys into deep water. If the child happens to wander off, this can cause serious problems for area rescue personnel, as they don't know if the child is in the water, or lost on land.

Do not swim during conditions of poor visability, (Very early, or after sundown). When light conditions are good you can easily see such things as the occaisional jelly fish, or sting ray. Sting rays bury themselves in the sand, but leave a tell tale outline in the sand.

Destin is a small place. During the tourist season it looks like a large metropolis, but most of the vehicles you see are driven by visitors, not by local residents. So keep in mind that all of the roads and road hazards are unfamilar to most of the drivers around you, so exercise caution and do your own thinking. Also remember that the local residents have to go to work, and conduct business, so if you aren't in a hurry don't drive in the high speed lanes. The person you hold up may be the skipper of your party boat.

While crime isn't a big problem here, our courts still prosecute the same kind of criminals you have at home, so exercise the same precautions you do at home.