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Seaside, the best family destination, has been designed to resemble a New England fishing village, and it's major claim to fame (Except for being one of the prettiest beaches on earth) is as the shooting location for the movie, The Truman show. The grey two story building to the left is a commercial building. The small building in front of it is the post office, if you look closely you will see the flag pole. The grassy area behind the post office is an open air auditorium. The village of Seaside has an agency that rents most of the vacation properties.

Your Seaside Florida Vacation
Seaside is 15 miles from destin and about 3 miles east of Grayton Beach on county road CR-30A. This is an easy going place, very laid back and relaxed with plenty of florida beachfront vacation homes, and a great place to look for a destin vacation rental. The village of seaside was designed to be hospitable to pedestrians bicycle riders, and it is. Once they get here almost every one walks around the village. Shops are located in small buildings, mostly open in the front, except for the two large commercial buildings.

The restaurants are mostly small out door restaurants, with a couple of exceptions. Over all it's a neat friendly place, you can see folks sitting under beach umbrellas, reading the paper over their morning coffee. Breakfast smells drift across the town center, and a few hardy souls drift towards the beach to get in an early morning swim. New arrivals are heading into the shops to buy beach apparel and supplies, and the community maintenance people bustle about keeping seaside manicured and appealing. It isn't much different than it was portrayed in the movie.

Of course seaside has one of those gordeous white sand beaches, and emerald green water hisses across the sand as gentle waves break. You can see all the way to the horizon, and sometimes you can see a passing ship off in the distance. If you come to the beach every day, you will notice that the sea is slightly different each day. Perhaps you can't put your finger on the difference, but it is different. The sea is a source of endless fascination, and all of the troubles you left the city with, now seem somehow diminished in the vastness of the sea.

When you get bored with sitting in your beach chair, you will discover that there are miles and miles of paved bike paths through south walton county. The bike path runs past the edge of pretty lakes, sometimes over wooden bridges, and you can smell the fragrance of pine forests mixed with sea air as you ride along. You can rent a beach cruiser, the old timey style of bike you had when you were a kid. No one rents mountain bikes or road bikes, and if you are addicted to this type of bike, you had better bring your own.

Kayaking is another pleasant pursuit. You can rent a sit on top kayak here. It only takes a few minutes to get the hang of it, and you are free to explore the watery world that surrounds you. A large school of dolphins swims up and down the beach, and if you are out early in the morning, or late in the afternoon, you may see them up close. From time to time you may see a large sea turtle, or see a skate leap out of the water.