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Destin And Seaside Area Homes, Beaches Of South Walton

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Village Of Seaside Florida

This is a view of part of the seaside beach village. The post office is the white building just to the right of the large building. The Grassy area behind it is a natural amphitheater. The small buildings at left center are small beach side shops.

Although it isn't obvious in this photo, there is a sand dune between the beach and these condos. The sand dunes provide natural protection from the occasional hurricane. You can see the beach walkways in this photo. They are built to protect the vegetation, which holds the dunes in place. The dune presents a natural barrier to hurricanes, but are still washed away by very strong storms. Hurricane Ivan destroyed a lot of dunes around Fort Walton Beach, Navarre, and Pensacola. This permitted extensive property damage in those places. The destin area was luckier, and most destin accommodations weren't damaged.